Optimize energy costs, reduce dependence on the grid, and help meet sustainability goals with our integrated on-site renewable energy solutions.


Manage energy costs, build resilience, and increase operational efficiencies with integrated solutions and smart services that can help optimize your energy usage.

Generate your own flexible, low-carbon power


We help give you more control over your energy costs by reducing or eliminating your dependence on the grid. In turn, you can manage costs, generate net-new clean power, and protect against outages.

Creating your own power grid

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Manage energy costs

Optimize your costs by generating power with on-site assets, while driving additional revenue from the energy you produce.

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Help meet your sustainability goals

Replace energy from your local grid with clean power from integrated on-site solar and storage systems.

Build resilience and flexibility

Generate and store electricity to protect against outages, avoid price spikes, and maximize consumption value.

Powering progress with cleaner energy solutions

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Increase and optimize the consumption of your own on-site energy generation. We can provide backup power and heat to increase the resilience of your operations, helping you avoid costly grid upgrades or charges in the process.


Power your business with clean energy even when the grid goes down. Combining on-site generation with energy storage and microgrid controls, our platform allows you to keep your operations online – even if the grid is not.




Solar PV generation

Use the energy of the sun to generate electrical power via solar photo voltaics (PV). We help you implement solar solutions to reduce your reliance on the grid, manage energy costs, and increase sustainability.


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Case studies

Battery energy storage system units in a field with a forest in the background and a cloudy sky above.
Reducing peak demand charges in Sarnia

Since early 2020, Sarnia Manufacturing Center has reduced its Global Adjustment peak demand charges using an on-site energy storage system that provides up to 10MW power capacity.

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Integrating renewables in Texas

Using its own microgrid, the Shell Technology Center in Texas has been able to manage power demand and quality with integrated renewable energy that provides flexibility over its resources.

An industrial warehouse with automated machinery and conveyor belts processing materials.
Behind-the-meter management in Ontario

Using lithium-ion technology, the energy storage system at Shell’s Brockville Lubricants Oil Blending Plant has made it easier for the facility to manage its behind-the-meter peak demand.

Aerial view of a rooftop covered with solar panels adjacent to parked delivery trucks.
Saving costs through solar power in California

Generating its own cleaner energy, Shell’s Stockton Distribution Terminal is using solar PV to reduce its dependence on the grid and deliver electricity cost savings.

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Energy efficiency

Manage operating costs and optimize your overall usage, by replacing and upgrading your energy-consuming systems and equipment.

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Energy management

Manage energy use across your sites and facilities with automated controls and advanced analytics.

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