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Company History:

  • We originally started as a company called Buscar Ltd. in Macedonia, in 1998
  • Buscar Ltd. focused on rear engine buses, integral monocoque buses, coaches, city busesand buses for the public transportation company of Macedonia.
  • As Buscar Ltd. we exported to locations such as Australia, UK, Israel, Malta, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Cyprus, Russia, Austria, Cameroon and South Africa.

Electric Vehicle Technology

  • Siemens Single Drive System (One Motor & One Inverter).
  • Quieter due to less mechanical friction.
  • More cost effective due to availability.
  • World Wide Support from Green Energytre Treatments Partner.
  • Graphene Superconductor Batteries.
  • Faster High Performance produces no heat, no chemical, Fast Charging light weight battery.
  • Operates without degradation from the extreme cold of Asia to the extreme heat of the Middle East.
  • No need for a special Cooling system for our batteries
  • Our batteries have a Long service life, plus a Manufacturer 5 year warranty could be longer "True Green". Our batteries never catch fire if any accident "TEST PASS".
  • Controls and manipulates batteries, electric motor, inverter and all auxiliary equipment to reach overall optimum vehicle efficiency.
  • All Batteries are connected WIFI and monitor 24 hours for the performance management for safety and security.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

  • GBV Bus Body Frame
  • Extruded aluminum dies, rigs and gussets used for all bus framework
  • One piece aluminum extrusion used for cant rails and side walls
  • More durable than traditional bus framework
  • Stronger and far more resistant to rust and corrosion versus steel
  • GBV Bus Suspension System
  • Patented unique independent swing arm arrangement, for a rear suspension, driven by electric motor(s) through independent transmission
  • Smoother ride compared to other non-GBV manufactured buses


  • No Fuel, No Oil, No Exhaust & Whisper Quiet
  • The GE 04 & EV GE 04X are the World’s Most Advanced Electric Buses, offering the longest range, quietest operation and most advanced power management.
  • Five years of life cycle cost (Purchase Cost Plus Operating Cost) for a Global EV GE 04X will result in a minimum of 25% less cost than a Conventional Diesel Bus.
  • Six years of life cycle cost (Purchase Cost Plus Operating Cost) for a Global EV GE 04X will result in a minimum of 20% less cost than a Conventional Diesel Bus.

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