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10 hot tips to cool your summer energy bills

As temperatures rise this summer, so can your electricity bill. Remember these tips to beat the heat while reducing electricity consumption.

1. Keep those curtains closed

By keeping your blinds drawn and curtains closed, or even using UV blocking screens, you’ll help protect your home from extreme heat.

2. Give cold water a spin

Not only does washing your clothes in cold water help you save money, but it can also help prevent your clothes from shrinking, wrinkling or fading in color. Not to mention you’ll spend less time ironing, too. Then after they’re washed, try hang drying to save electricity from the dryer.

3. Be mindful with your thermostat

Manage your bill by setting your thermostat to a higher temperature, that way it’s closer to matching the temperature outside.

4. Keep it cool with fans

American homeowners spend a whopping $29 billion a year on air conditioning[1]. Avoid high costs by using fans in your home to circulate the air, but don’t forget to limit fans to the rooms you’re in and unplug them when you’re done.

5. New air filters are key

By cleaning dirt on an ongoing basis from your air filters and replacing them, you can allow better air flow and reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5-15%[2]. Who doesn’t want that?

6. Swap your bulbs to LED

Did you know traditional lightbulbs, like incandescent ones, use more energy and produce more heat? Help lower your bill with LED lightbulbs, which can last up to 25x longer and use 90% less energy[3].

7. Not home? Turn off your AC

There’s no need to keep your AC working hard when you’re not home. Set it at a higher temperature or turn it off before you’re out the door.

8. Get cooking (with the microwave or grill)

Ovens use more energy and heat up the house. Grilling outside or reheating your food with a microwave can solve for both.

9. Two words: shorter showers

By taking shorter, cooler showers this summer, you can be more mindful of your energy consumption AND beat the heat.

10. Mind the window gaps

Often times, especially in older buildings or homes, there’s small gaps in windows and doors. By insulating those gaps, you can keep your home cool and prevent cold air from escaping.

Take on the summer heat with these hot tips to save money and make a positive environmental impact!


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